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About Us




   Think ROI drives business growth and profitability                     through practical strategic counsel and extensive                       experience in implementation.



We specialize in providing strategic planning, marketing, & ROI analysis to help companies or organizations with stalled or declining revenues.

Our focus is on creating practical strategies and solutions that boost revenues in the short term while building a solid foundation for significant long term growth. We can help you plan and implement the right moves in fast changing markets.

Psychological testing shows we are extremely results-oriented. We grasp your current situation and define your overall objectives, then quickly immerse ourselves in your industry to identify your unique brand position with key strategic recommendations & implementation plans.


  • We've been delivering results for over 30 years.

  • Successful initiatives have been provided to major corporations as well as growth oriented regional start-up businesses.

  • Recommendations are selected based on your needs, and are appropriate to either B2B or B2C targeted customers.

  • Expertise includes domestic & global expansion across all media.

Whether your company is marketing oriented, or more focused on other core areas, Think ROI will provide you with a marketing assessment that identifies key opportunity areas in an easy to understand presentation format.

Some clients prefer to see the theoretical rationale as the foundation of our recommendations, while other clients just want basic strategies with action oriented implementation plans. (Examples shown below.) We'll deliver a format comfortable for you & your team.

With a career in several Fortune 500 companies’ sales & marketing departments, Lori Roberts' standards of professionalism and integrity rank among the best. She brings clients over 30 years of marketing experience earned in:
  • The Coca-Cola Company
  • TRW Target Marketing (direct marketing with credit bureau insights)
  • Electrolux (home appliances after an LBO from Sara-Lee Corp.)
  • Philips Consumer Electronics (Flat TVs, DVD players, audio systems, etc.)
  • Manheim (world's largest wholesale automobile market serving car dealers, rental car agencies, etc.)
  • Cox Enterprises (communications, media & automotive services).

For her efforts to date, she’s helped to lead several winning marketing teams. Among her personal achievements, Lori received national awards including Who’s Who in Business & Finance and the President’s Award for Philips Electronics. She has served as a national speaker for various marketing organizations, including Pi Sigma Epsilon professional sales & marketing fraternity.

Competitive by nature, Lori is passionate about delivering superior results. For relaxation she takes on the challenge of landscape design or plays her concert harp. Giving back to her community, Lori has provided pro bono services for the Cobb Library Foundation, Southeastern Horticultural Society, the Marietta Soap Box Derby, the Northeast Cobb Monitor, and various political candidates. She is extremely active in HOA leadership within her subdivision; she developed & maintains the HOA website, & publishes the monthly community newsletter.