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This portfolio reflects samples of the types of work conducted over the years by Think ROI professionals.
Contents shown may have been modified to protect confidential data.
Strategic Planning & New Business Launch
Website for this New Business Launch -- (example shown is a more recent version of this website)
New Product Launch -- B2B Channel Target to Activate Consumer Purchase
Strategic Planning -- Promotional Calendar with 15 month lead time to enable full integration
Market Research & Data Analysis -- as foundation for Media Evaluation & Recommendations
Strategic Partnerships -- Identified & Cultivated relationships to increase value of promotions
Regional Retailer -- Promotion Support
Channel Strategy / Channel Management: matching buyers' preferred channels & buying timelines
Business Development -- New Retail Channels
Customer Experience & Customer Loyalty
Sports Marketing -- (PHILIPS ARENA investment)
Leveraged Sports Arena Sponsorship via Consumer Sweepstakes at NBA Game with TV coverage
Media Planning -- Target Audience Identification
Brand Management, Global Asset Management & Agency Management
Agency Collaboration -- Lead agency, Media Planning & List rental agency, Direct Marketing agency
Humanizing Profitable Business Services for Increased Awareness...and Profitability!
New Product Launch: "OVE" (Online Vehicle Exchange)
Pricing -- Stratified Price Tiers for Vehicle Detailing -- Helps increase ultimate vehicle sales price
Product Placement in Movies & TV Shows for implied celebrity endorsement & brand awareness
"GREEN" Marketing -- Activating Employees, Generating Awareness with Customers & Community

 Marketing Communications -- Monthly Newsletters & other Venue & Events Collateral 

Portfolio -- Think ROI Marketing