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Teamwork Relationship

In this challenging economy, many small to medium-sized businesses have made difficult decisions on where to trim overhead costs.  Unfortunately, marketing without measured results can be perceived as a cost center.  If marketing budgets are significantly reduced or totally cut, this can lower sales effectiveness and make new customer acquisition even more difficult.
Outsource Your Marketing Needs
The Think R.O.I. team can work on a project basis to make your marketing efforts even more affordable.  If your cash flow is no longer as predictable, outsourcing your marketing with monthly billing while you need our assistance eliminates the heavy financial burden of salaries, benefits, office space, etc..
Jumpstart Your Marketing
Midsize and larger companies might find a strategy of outsourcing special marketing initiatives for faster test marketing.  Simply let us gain a quick insight into your business issues and operations, and we'll work seamlessly as a temporary addition to your marketing staff so you can achieve quick results without the delay of hiring supplemental marketing staff.