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Campaign Delivers Triples Website Traffic...Doubles Brand Awareness

posted Oct 19, 2009, 9:46 PM by Lori R   [ updated Apr 30, 2012, 5:20 PM ]
The Cobb Library Foundation (CLF) enlisted the services of Think ROI strategic planning & marketing to:
1 -- Increase the brand awareness of CLF within the community (as a separate fundraising organization from the general public library system).
2 -- Drive new visitors to the CLF website
3 -- Enable the ability to receive financial donations from website visitors.
Results of the marketing & publicity campaign include the following highlights:

1.Event attendance estimated to be as much as 5x greater than 2011 Wild West Fest

2.No benchmark for 2011 WWF press coverage, but 2012 key local press coverage included:

3.Over 18 times CLF received press coverage in different communication channels, including TV…

M’rtta Daily Journal: 4 articles incldg. Sunday edition front page & Friday weeekend event "GO" calendar listing

4.Website traffic to the CLF website increased by over 200% versus the prior 30 day period. There were 825 visits to the CLF website between Feb. 27

th through March 27th.

5.Of the CLF website visitors, 75% were "new visitors" (not repeat visitors) to the CLF website.

In summary, the marketing & publicity efforts did increase brand awareness of CLF, and virtually tripled incremental traffic to the CLF website. Most important were the number of new visitors to the CLF website.

Financial success of the overall event is currently be analyzed by the Executive Director.